Must Watch: Choose Your Own Crime Stats (VIDEO)

H/T to Stacy on the Right for alerting me to this great video which dissects the crime stats which are being used to lie to us about the society in which we live. Remember, there are lies, damn lies and statistics, and politicians will always use statistics to drive their own agendas. Be sure you know the truth.


Cultural Hegemony ~ Bill Whittle: “Where Do We Go Now?” (VIDEO) #TCOT #GGISTL #TGDN

Bill Whittle gives a forward looking discussion shortly after the election on where we need to go next. His view, and mine, is that we need to engage as a cultural movement so the political victories will take care of themselves. We must engage on the cultural battleground or we will continue to lose the political fights as well. Make no mistake though, the war is a cultural one, in which the political fights are mere skirmishes. Get your game face on. #War

Off the #FiscalCliff at Ramming Speed!

Right now, during these fiscal cliff debates,this is what keeps coming to mind, the “Ramming Speed” sequence from Ben Hur. In the bowels of a Roman warship the masters attempt to break the slaves’ will by increasing the speed of the ship from Battle Speed, to Attack Speed, and finally to Ramming Speed. Likewise, the politicians of today are trying to break us, by speeding us to a fiscal cliff of their own making. However they will also learn that like, Ben Hur, no matter what their actions we will not be broken.

Happy New Year!

In Honor of the Conservatives that Defeated Plan B(alrog)

“YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” ~ Gandalf the Grey

Like Gandalf, we too are engaged in an epic battle for our beliefs and our country against powerful forces. Conservatives won a great victory last night against the Speaker, but the fight is not over.

Perhaps we too are at our own turn of the tide. Even so, the battle will be fierce. We are being attacked on multiple fronts. Make sure you are ready.