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The Dana Loesch I Know

Glenn Beck has a famous phrase, “The Truth has no agenda.” Truth stands on its own, we may like it, or we may not. We may chose to believe it,  or we may not, but that does not change what is true. The same cannot be said of Lies. Lies, distortions, half-truths, prevarications, rumors, they always have an agenda.

Today I want to tell you about the real Dana Loesch.

Dana is tireless. She has been in this movement from the beginning. I was not present for the beginning of St. Louis Tea Party, but I was there at the end of it. In a weird twist of fate, I was not present at the meeting where it all flew apart, although I was intimately involved in the aftermath. At the time of the meeting, I was testifying in Atlanta, in a court case involving another once great organization, Tea Party Patriots. In both cases the organizations were compromised by individuals who wanted to compromise the movement to suit their own agenda.

In both cases, when individuals stood up, and called people out, demanding that they live up to their values, they were forced either legally or morally to separate themselves from organizations they founded, sometimes both. To those on the outside, the separations look arbitrary and precipitous. But what they don’t see is the internal struggles within the organization, the emails, the phone calls the late night discussions and disagreements over mission and method that have proved finally, irreconcilable. The organizations invariably continue on, as legal entities often do, but when such a split happens, others who are about principle also separate themselves from the organization. What is left is a Frankenstein’s monster of an organization, the body remains, but the mind and muscles are compromised as is its ability to be effective in the world.

Dana was always about principle, about what was moral, about what was right. When the split happened I and others knew where and with whom we wanted to stand.

I came to know Dana personally during my time organizing the 9/12/2010 tea party held under the Arch. The event which was a joint production of TPP, for whom I was working at the time, and STLTPC.  I made a lot of great friends during that time, but I also had a challenge. Some of the people I had to work with locally that were affiliated with STLTPC were obviously playing me against one another. After a while I figured out who I could trust, who I could rely on, who would be honest with me. That person was Dana Loesch. Since that time, I have never had her lie to me, back stab me, lie about me, threaten me or my friends harm, or not do something she told me she would. I wish I could say that about other members of St. Louis Tea Party who call themselves leaders.

Dana is honest, trustworthy, loyal, and a great friend. If I was ever in a foxhole, there is no one I would rather be with than Dana Loesch and her incredible husband Chris. They are amazing together, and are raising two fantastic kids. Not many have what Dana does.

What she has, she and Chris have come by honestly. I have never seen anyone work so hard.  When I read what has been written about her recently, I feel like I am in some kind of horrible fun house, where reality is distorted so as to create monstrous images to scare us. But to what end?

I don’t know why these images have appeared, but they are not new to me. They are the lies and distortions of people who would work with our enemies to bring down our friends. Unfortunately our movement contains such people who would tear down the best of us, to make themselves seem larger by comparison.

The essence of Liberty is choice.  Choose the Truth. It has no agenda.


Secure a Senate Majority or Reform the GOP? YES!



Much has been made over the past couple of days about the exchange between Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter on the Tea Party, the GOP and the sewing of internal divisions therein.

In particular, Ann was responding in part to a piece by Thomas Sowell, which got almost no discussion on Hannity’s show, as most things don’t. But to make up for that you can read a great rebuttal of Sowell’s piece by Ben Howe.

You can watch Hannity and Coulter go at it like cats and dogs here:

But in all the hubbub and furor there is one important point getting lost. They both think that individual members of the Tea Party doing hard work to take the country back are hugely important. What they disagree on is the role of organizations and how they are spending money, or more pointedly raising money.

Coulter wants individuals who are donating to be wary of groups, (and she singles out the Senate Conservatives Fund) who fundraise off of the actions of establishment Republicans with the goal of funding challengers in the primaries calling them “shysters.” While I would disagree on her point of ire (I like the SCF), I agree with her main point. While I am suspicious of the establishment and their professed love of all things tea party, we do need to get a majority in the Senate.  We are entering primary season however, and it does not surprise me that groups like SCF and FreedomWorks, Tea Party PACs and others are trying to identify candidates to support in the primary in the hope of not just securing a majority in the fall, but securing a more conservative majority than the one we currently would elect of we keep all our current Republican Senators and flip six Democrat seats to gain a majority. I support them in tat effort. If the conservative candidates lose in the primary, we will have to vote for the most conservative candidate that can win in the fall. That does not mean the fight is not worth making now. If we cannot vote for the type of party we wish to see in the primaries, when can we? We need to take the Senate, but we also need to take back the Republican Party. We need to take every opportunity to do so, whether the race is for precinct captain, or President of the United States. We cannot wait. If conservatism is to have a future in the  Republican Party conservatives must act now.

Based on my experience, I would say, that if you like a candidate, donate to the candidate. They will do far more with your money than any centralized organization. This is the same argument we make all the time about government and it applies to candidates as well. Keep your money local. If you donate to a group, make it a local group. Almost no money that goes to national groups makes it back to the local affiliated groups. If you can’t donate money, then donate your time, or your twitter account or Facebook profile to help spread the word.

More than any political act however, work to change the culture in which these races are grounded. If the conservative message becomes the dominant message in the country our victories will follow as the night the day.  If we do not change the culture no political victory can be sustained over time.

The time is now.

Please Help #BuyOutRunawaySlave BUY OUT BOSSIER!

Today I want to give over the space in my blog to a good friend Rob Gaudet who has worked tirelessly to help CL Bryant with his movie Runaway Slave.

C. L. Bryant is an incredible conservative and was brought into the movement by Gaudet in early 2009. The movie is currently being shown in Bossier, LA and they need conservatives to show how committed they are to supporting the movie in wider distribution.

Rob has been content to work for years in the background so others can shine, and I thought his request most eloquent and wanted to reproduce it in full here.

Please do anything you can to help with BUY OUT BOSSIER and then do what you can to bring Runaway Slave to your community.

If you’re tired of Michael Moore, who hates America, getting the attention when he does a documentary. We need your help!

Everyone agrees that the Runaway Slave has the capacity to change the hearts of people that we otherwise could not possibly reach and we need to generate buzz.

My little town in North Louisiana, Bossier City has become ground zero for how well the film Runaway Slave by Rev CL Bryant does nationwide. It has been showing exclusively here for a week now and we had tepid success last weekend with one sold out show. This coming weekend, July 13-15th, is critical that we fill all seats.

Our campaign is called BUY OUT BOSSIER (#BuyOutRunawaySlave) and are asking grassroots citizens across the country to buy at least one ticket even if they can’t go.

Distributors are watching this coming weekend closely to determine how many theaters across the country they will play it in.

We MUST get at least seven sold out showings. The great thing is that not all ticket buyers have to be here, even if you can’t go, you can still buy a ticket on Fandango.com (area code 71111), sat or sun showings preferably. If anyone has capacity to buy a block or a whole showing, even better.

Here in Bossier, we have an uphill battle and need some national help, that is why I am writing to all of you.

The movie is competing with big releases such as Spider Man, it is in an older theater in Bossier City which is the smaller of two sister cities, Shreveport being the other.


1) Buy Tickets -> http://tinyurl.com/BuyOutBossier

Even if you can’t go, please consider buying as many tickets as you can on Sunday for the weekend of July 13th – 15th.

Tickets are just $7.50. Please buy all you can!

2) Write about it your blogs and news stories. For now focus on the BUY OUT BOSSIER campaign.

3) Help us trend #BuyOutRunAwaySlave. #Resist44 is heading it up tomorrow, kudos to Matt Perdie and Justin Charters!

4) Invite all of your conservative friends to this Facebook event page using the ‘Invite Friends’ link at the top.


Watch the theatrical trailer, feel free to share this.

This is a FANTASTIC trailer!
Enjoy this radio spot we are running this 75 times beginning tomorrow in the market over 4 days for weekend of July 13th-15th, feel free to share this.
Please SHARE these too!

Contact me, Rob Gaudet with any questions.


VIDEO: IRS Harrasment of Tea Party Groups #WAR

Americans may think that tax dax is behind them, but not if you are a local tea party organizer or group. Your problems with the IRS are just beginning.

In contrast to the made up #WarOnWomen, there is a very real #WarOnTheTeaParty being waged by Obama administration, via the IRS.

Over the last several months tea party groups all over the country have been harassed by the IRS in a blatant campaign of intimidation. Luckily their plight has now come to the attention of the ACLJ who has taken their case and Congressmen like Tom McClintock.

It is time that Republicans all over the country that wish the support of tea party conservatives speak out forcefully and loudly against this abuse.

If Republicans choose to remain silent, in the face of this blatant attack on the rights of Americans to engage in political speech and organization, that too will speak volumes.

Pick a side.


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Obama Edits the Constitution Again, Doesn’t Need Congress to Issue New Debt

According to Chuck Schumer the Obama administration is considering ignoring the Debt Limit.  It apparently believes that the 4th Section of  14th Amendment ratified in 1865 means something it does not.

It states in part:

“The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.”

Apparently the Obama Administration thinks that this means that “full faith and credit of the United States” can never be questioned and that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner can simply authorize the printing of more money ad infinitum.

Apparently, they missed or more likely just chose to ignore the clause which states that the debt must be “authorized by law.”  If the debt which the Treasury issues, is not authorized by law, it will certainly be questioned, whether Obama likes it or not.

I feel certain Congress will have something to say about this course of action.  Failure to stand up for their Constitutional obligation to authorize the public debt, means that the People will certainly make their voice heard on the subject.

Here is a link to the Washington Examiner Article on the subject: Schumer confirms White House considering ignoring debt limit | Conn Carroll | Beltway Confidential | Washington Examiner.