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Robyn Hamlin’s False Logic

Tonight Robyn Hamlin, posted the picture below on Facebook.

It compares the internet searches for “Ron Paul”, “Mitt Romney” and “Barrack Obama”, and then uses the graph to insinuate that there is a media conspiracy to pick Romney as the candidate and not cover Ron Paul despite his obvious superior support.

Unfortunately just because there a numerous searches for the term “Ron Paul” does not mean that such a graph is any indication of electoral support. That is why we have a system of primaries and caucuses to pick our nominees.

I know I have searched for “Ron Paul” many times. I have searched for “Ron Paul and Chemtrails” and “Ron Paul, Alex Jones” and of course “Ron Paul Macaw.” But I have never considered voting for him.

There is also another problem with the graph above. It MISSPELLS Barack Obama’s name “Barrack Obama” Which can drastically effect the results as we see below, when all names are spelled correctly.

Seriously? You don’t know how to spell the President’s name? And then base a conspiracy theory off false logic based on false results? Really? Why am I not surprised.

What is even worse about this post is that Robyn Hamlin is involved in a primary of her own to be the Republican Party’s Congressional nominee in the 1st District.

Is this how she thinks races should be decided, by sloppy internet searches? Perhaps so, since she earlier used a Facebook poll to decide whether or not to run as a Republican. If she is unsure of her party affiliation, why should she expect members of that party to support her candidacy? Lucky for us there is a superior conservative Republican candidate already in the race.

We have real problems in the 1st District and we need serious people to address them, not someone spouting conspiracy theories.

Please support Martin Baker in the Republican Primary.

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Bachmann for Speaker

With the latest betrayal by John Boehner of the grassroots tea party conservatives that put him in the Speaker’s chair, it is time for him to go.

The GOP had no GOTV push in 2010.  All that money had been blown by Michael Steele. The reason that the GOP has a majority in the house and John Boehner is Speaker of the House is because the tea party did the job that the GOP was unable to do. We got conservatives elected to Congress.

When it came time to choose a speaker Michele Bachmann threw her name in the ring, to no avail. Imagine a House under a  Speaker Bachmann. Do you think the summer debt deal debacle would have happened? Would this payroll tax “compromise” have occurred? At the very least we would have a Speaker that could articulate the conservative point of view and would not shrink from a fight. She is twice the man Boehner is.

Michele Bachmann is going nowhere as a Presidential candidate. The office she should run for is Speaker of the House. She should suspend her Presidential candidacy, return to D.C. and mount a campaign for Speaker.

She should do it today.

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Let the Big Dogs Hunt. It’s Time for Palin and Christie

Last night revealed a fundamental truth about the race, we need two more candidates in it.  We need another alternative establishment candidate to deflate Romney. Huntsman is not up to the task.  Romney can just attack the leading conservative and look better by comparison.  There is no alternative to Romney for establishment Republicans.  We need one.

The answer to that is Chris Christie.  If we don’t want Romney we need to attack him from both the conservative wing of the party, and the establishment wing.

We also need a top tier conservative candidate that can be an alternative to Rick Perry for the conservative vote.  None of the current candidates fit that bill.  None have the resources or the organizational muscle to play effectively all the early primary states.  We need Sarah Palin.

We need our best candidates in this race. The future of the country is at stake. Whether or not Palin or Christie get the nomination, they are important voices in the party and they will make the race better and our eventual nominee stronger.  We need them both, and we need them now.

We need our best candidates and right now they are sitting on the sidelines.