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Oh When the Cows Go Marching In….

Oh when the cows go marching in
When the cows go marching in
Oh lord I want to be in that number
When the cows go marching in….

They Pulled Over And Started Playing For The Cows – I Can’t Believe What Happened Next! | PetFlow Blog – The most interesting news for pet parents around the world..

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Flash Mobs: Performing CHRISTmas (VIDEOS)

As conservatives we must take back the culture. One way to do that is to literally stand up and perform our values. In both of these videos religious individuals use flash mobs take to public spaces, malls, during Christmas time in order to inject the Christ, back into the commercialization of Christmas holiday.

As moving as these video are they also provide a way forward and possible strategy for political conservatives. The videos both begin with an individual taking a stand by raising their voice, which then allows other individuals to join in. Some of those people are part of the flash mob, but some are not, and others gain comfort and solace just from seeing the demonstration of faith and belief.  The videos are also designed to be shared via YouTube so that the message can reach father over time and space than the incident in that mall on that day.

We must find similar ways to perform our traditional American values in public and give people an opportunity to see that they are not alone.

Marco Rubio’s Speech at the Reagan Foundation

Senator Marco Rubio is a fantastic speaker.  His most recent speech at the Regan Foundation from last week is a great example of the Performance of Politics.  It lasts about 20 minutes and is followed by questions.  (His speech begins at about the 6:50 mark.) I do not think I have heard a better advocate for the principles of Conservatism since Ronald Reagan.  His speech is optimistic and inspiring and a call for the restoration of American values in our lives and in our government.  If you find yourself inspired after listening to it, please make sure to share it with others, so they can hear his message as well.

Glenn Beck Restoring Courage at the Temple Mount

Glenn Beck is perhaps the greatest single example right now of an individual who engages in the Performance of Politics.  Here he is in Israel today at the foot of the Temple Mount for his Restoring Courage event.  Glenn would object to this event being called political, but due to the policies of the Obama Administration standing with Israel is a Political Act.  Speaking Truth to Power is a Political Act.  We must be willing to perform our politics in meaningful ways both in our personal lives and in civil society.  That is the only way we can be victorious.

New from Krista Branch – “Lead Me On” In support of Israel

The latest from Krista Branch, in support of Israel.  She is a fantastic example of the Performance of Politics.  She is a fantastic artist and places her politics front and center in her art.  The left has done this for years as a part of their politics.  It is good to see conservatives who excel at this as well. Krista is definitely one of those.