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Something Wicked This Way Comes: The Roberts Decision

As a member of the Tea Party Movement I have been fighting ObamaCare since the 2009 Townhalls and I have no use for the opinions that Chief Justice Roberts has just done us a big favor, unless by “big favor,” you mean “just stabbed us in the back.”

At various points in the movement ObamaCare was going to get stopped:

In the House if we…

Made enough noise at Townhalls

Sent 2 Million People To DC to Protest

In the Senate if we…

Got Scott Brown Elected

On Final Passage if we..

Put 50K people in DC for the Vote

I was present for all of these defeats, in their time. And I have never felt more discouraged.

Then there was the prospect of the courts…

where we might lose in some of the Federal Circuit Courts but we would win at the Supreme Court because we had 5 Justices that would stand against an individual mandate and for the liberty of the individual.

If there was to be any wonky-ness it would be with Kennedy, who would be the squish but has a history of standing for individual liberty. Not the established conservatives Roberts, Scalia, Thomas or Alito.

So here is my problem with the ObamaCare Decision.


It allows Congress to regulate 17% of the nations economy and the part it will regulate is the part that deals with the health of our physical bodies. Nothing could be more intrusive.

2. In establishing a TAX and not a MANDATE it allows Congress to TAX you for your NOT DOING SOMETHING it is LEGAL for you NOT TO DO. Under the current decision, it is not illegal for you not to purchase health insurance says Roberts, but Congress CAN TAX YOU for not doing so.

There is no limit to this power to Tax, (which can be found nowhere in the Constitution) which Roberts has asserted.

This allows Cap and Trade, and every other violation of property rights by fiat you can ever imagine.

And if the stories are to be believed, Roberts did it, to look good to society rather than by examining the Constitution. This is the very definition of Tyranny.

Some examples of new taxes under the Roberts Rule could be….

If you don’t own a Chevy Volt, You can be taxed for that.

If you don’t own a car that gets more than 25 MPG you can be taxed for that.

If you don’t own a home with R40 insulation in the attic, you can be taxed for that.

If you have a BMI over 25, you can be taxed for that.

So now Obamacare is CONSTITUTIONAL. It is binding legal precedent. Which Obama will run on as a major success.

And all Obama has to do to make sure it takes effect is to WIN in November and it will never go away.


Now some will say, “But Romney just got all this money and his base will rally” which is true. But, this is it folks. This is the last chance we will ever have at stopping this legislation. And this is NOT the race that Romney wanted to run. Everyone at team Romeny thought that Obamacare would be declared unconstitutional, they could make Obama a do nothing president, and talk about the economy.


Now Romney and the GOP are running as the standard bearers of a conservative movement bent on FULL REPEAL and Romney is not a movement guy. This was never the plan which is why he looked so flummoxed on Thursday. Romney does not want to talk Repeal or about Romneycare nor does the GOP. They don’t want to be in the position of denying a CONSTITUTIONAL benefit to Americans. Which is the position in which John Roberts has now placed them.

Also, Romney now needs to nominate a VP that has unimpeachable conservative credentials. If it looks to the grassroots like he has put a John Roberts type of Republican on the bottom of the ticket, he can forget about ever getting elected. So there is that.

Romney needs to find his voice and he needs to find it now.

Now were are dependent upon Mitt Romney, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell for the FULL REPEAL of ObamaCare and the future of our country.

We must maintain the House and take the Senate while taking it strongly enough to REPEAL a Constitutional Medical Benefit.

We must take the Presidency by getting a Presidential Mandate for FULL REPEAL from the guy that invented the program on the state level.

And even if we accomplish all this, the Supreme Court precedent still remains that with a little tax policy, you can strip me of the rights to my body and property.

Pardon me if I don’t applaud.








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The End of The Beginning.

We are now less than one month (29 days) prior to election day 2010.  This is a day that many of us in the tea party movement have been eagerly anticipating.  In the last 18 months we have come a long way from protests, rallies and marches, to voter education and GOTV efforts in advance of next months historic election.

Assume for the moment that we are successful, and “take control”as much as a tea party movement can, of one or both houses of congress. By which I mean that members who are believe as we do in fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free markets are now able to attempt to push back against the avalanche of progressive programs which are threatening our future as a nation.

There is no longer, going to be a need for us to scream at the houses of Congress: “Can You Hear Us Now!”

Instead we should look forward to a Congress that wants to actively listen and act on the concerns of the tea party movement.

As we strive to advance a legislative agenda which is in line with our views however, we will come up against a renewed Left.  Just as the passage of the Obamacare bill was offensive to us, so will its repeal be offensive to the Left.

Just as spending is offensive to us, real cuts in spending will be offensive to the Left.  We will see them turn out in large numbers to attempt to derail our legislative agenda, just as we did theirs.

And the battle will once more be joined.

But it is a battle of which must be fought.  And won.

The tea party movement is not over. Far from it.  This is a movement that will be working its way through the American political scene for years to come.

November 2 is not the end.

It is not even the beginning of the end.

But it may be the end of the beginning.