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LAST DAY! Commander Hadfield Sings Major Tom While Floating In Space

The yearlong permission for this video granted by Bowie expires today. Watch it while you can, and read more at the link below.

You have one day left to watch the ‘Space Oddity’ music video shot in space | The Verge.

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Don’t Stand For This! Madison Rising – The Star Spangled Banner at Daytona

America’s “most patriotic band” right.  I forgot. This is horrible.  This is not our National Anthem. It is a rock song ripoff of our National Anthem, and if it was being played at a sporting event or political event, I would not stand for it, and you shouldn’t either.

Here they are at Daytona last weekend.

They also have a 4 minute version, to which they add even more awesome lyrics.

Madison Rising – The Star Spangled Banner – YouTube.

As conservatives we need to promote good music which also carries our message. This song is neither. It is a horribly self aggrandizing song, which actually takes away from the real meaning and power of the anthem.

Let Madison Rising fall on their own.