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DoD Spends $100,000 Studying Whether Jesus Died for Klingons

We spent money on WHAT? If this is what Congress is spending money on it is no wonder we are about to go over the fiscal cliff. H/T Breitbart

DoD Spends $100,000 Studying Whether Jesus Died for Klingons.



North Korea, Ron Paul, and Jesus? The End is Nigh.

The two top headlines from Drudge this morning:

1. North Korea test fires short-range missile following the death of Kim Jong-Il

2. POLL: Paul Pulls Ahead which links to a story which has an even worse headline:

Gingrich Collapses in Iowa as Ron Paul Surges to the Front

Finally there is this:

Late Saturday night in modern day Babylon, Jesus returned, and prophesied a loss of the Broncos to the Patriots, which came to pass on Sunday Afternoon.

Luckily the appearance was caught on video.  You can watch it here:

Can all these events be mere coincidence? You be the judge.