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VIDEO: IRS Harrasment of Tea Party Groups #WAR

Americans may think that tax dax is behind them, but not if you are a local tea party organizer or group. Your problems with the IRS are just beginning.

In contrast to the made up #WarOnWomen, there is a very real #WarOnTheTeaParty being waged by Obama administration, via the IRS.

Over the last several months tea party groups all over the country have been harassed by the IRS in a blatant campaign of intimidation. Luckily their plight has now come to the attention of the ACLJ who has taken their case and Congressmen like Tom McClintock.

It is time that Republicans all over the country that wish the support of tea party conservatives speak out forcefully and loudly against this abuse.

If Republicans choose to remain silent, in the face of this blatant attack on the rights of Americans to engage in political speech and organization, that too will speak volumes.

Pick a side.


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