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Let Me Be Clear…



Andrew Breitbart: Portrait in Language by @Anthropocon

Often times we use language to create images for us in our minds. Great writing has that ability. However, it is a fundamental tenet of modern linguistics and neo-marxist influenced critical theory that far from just describing the world, words actually create the world.  There is no such thing as a stable objective viewpoint from which to see Truth. All is in flux, all is relative, all is subjective.

This is the battlefield on which Andrew Breitbart fought. A battlefield of words, thoughts and ideas. A battlefield of narratives. He was feared because he was effective. He was effective because he understood the Left’s use of language as a weapon of both creation and destruction. He was our hero, because he showed us the way.

I cannot think of a better portrait of Andrew than the one created by fellow conservative blogger and graphic designer Anthropocon. You can find him on twitter @Anthropocon. Let him know if your enjoy his work.

Andrew used language to create a new reality for conservatives. By doing so, he became a celebrity. In death, he became an icon. Some of us got know Andrew in person, but for most, Andrew was simply “Breitbart” both a creation and a creator of the new media in which he lived.

And always will.

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