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NOT PRISONER SWAP: The Gitmo 5 Were Released 5 DAYS BEFORE Bergdahl

We have been lied to, again.

This was not a “prisoner swap.”

Obama released the 5 high level detainees at Guantanamo 5 DAYS BEFORE  Bergdahl.

The State Department now confirms that we were going to release the 5 detainees though no matter what as part of the emptying and closing  of Gitmo.  

This was simply an attempt to curry favor with the Taliban by their release and hope that in exchange they would honor their word to send Bergdahl back as part of the deal. Bergdahl’s release would then please the American People and make Obama look good in an election year which would  provide cover for the already planned release of the Gitmo 5 allowing Obama to call it a trade for Bergdahl. 

Oh ,how wrong and misguided….

H/T Glenn Beck

From Chuck Todd of NBC News:

Yesterday in her press briefing, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf suggested something ON THE RECORD that had been hinted at OFF THE RECORD or ON BACKGROUND for days: that the five Taliban prisoners who were released in exchange for Bergdahl were probably going to be released anyway, because they weren’t among those who were slated for prosecution. “There are three buckets of people in Guantanamo that remain,” Harf said. “There are those who are approved for transfer. That’s 78. There are about 30 who have been referred for prosecution in some way. These five are in that middle bucket and were unlikely — might have been, but unlikely — to be added to the group that was going to be referred for prosecution. So it is quite likely that eventually, in line with our commitment to close Guantanamo Bay, they would be transferred.” Harf said later, “We should get something for them.”

via What the Bergdahl Story is Really About: Gitmo – NBC News.com.