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Why Republican Leadership Must Change – Our Iceberg of Debt

 This is why the Republican leadership must change.


PJTV: Let It Burn! Should GOP Allow Obama To Deliver Nation Unto Fiscal Ruin? (VIDEO)

Some conservatives want to allow the country to fall off the fiscal cliff. Others want to give Obama the tax hikes he demands. Trifecta wonders whether the real solution to out of control federal entitlement spending is to sit back and allow the nation to hit the debt ceiling. via PJTV

What do you think?

Establishment #GOP ~ We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (VIDEO) #TEAPARTY #WhatsNext

This is pretty much how I feel right now. And I know many in the tea party and conservative grassroots movement that agree with me. When you flush the future of our country down the toilet and with it the future of my family and children, and then don’t think there is a problem, I am really not sure why I should ever support another one of your establishment milksops for anything again. EVER.

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Let the Big Dogs Hunt. It’s Time for Palin and Christie

Last night revealed a fundamental truth about the race, we need two more candidates in it.  We need another alternative establishment candidate to deflate Romney. Huntsman is not up to the task.  Romney can just attack the leading conservative and look better by comparison.  There is no alternative to Romney for establishment Republicans.  We need one.

The answer to that is Chris Christie.  If we don’t want Romney we need to attack him from both the conservative wing of the party, and the establishment wing.

We also need a top tier conservative candidate that can be an alternative to Rick Perry for the conservative vote.  None of the current candidates fit that bill.  None have the resources or the organizational muscle to play effectively all the early primary states.  We need Sarah Palin.

We need our best candidates in this race. The future of the country is at stake. Whether or not Palin or Christie get the nomination, they are important voices in the party and they will make the race better and our eventual nominee stronger.  We need them both, and we need them now.

We need our best candidates and right now they are sitting on the sidelines.