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Why Republican Leadership Must Change – Our Iceberg of Debt

 This is why the Republican leadership must change.


The European Debt Crisis in Three Graphs

Here is a graph that compares the GDP of Greece to that of France and Germany.  France and Germany cannot bail out Greece without severely damaging their own economies and future possibilities for growth.

Here is the same graph, with Italy added.  Italy is desperate financial straights, and as you can see, a much larger economy than Greece.  No bailout of Italy is possible from within Europe.  Italy’s GDP is about $2T and Germany’s is about $3.5T.  If Greece does not sink the Euro, Italy certainly will.

Here is the same graph as above with the United States added and scaled accordingly.  Our GDP of $15T dwarfs any single European economy. Germany’s entire GDP is about the size of our Federal Budget.  Our National Debt is also $15T right now and growing.

Europe is done, and so are we. Got it?