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In Honor of the Conservatives that Defeated Plan B(alrog)

“YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” ~ Gandalf the Grey

Like Gandalf, we too are engaged in an epic battle for our beliefs and our country against powerful forces. Conservatives won a great victory last night against the Speaker, but the fight is not over.

Perhaps we too are at our own turn of the tide. Even so, the battle will be fierce. We are being attacked on multiple fronts. Make sure you are ready.


New from Krista Branch – “Lead Me On” In support of Israel

The latest from Krista Branch, in support of Israel.  She is a fantastic example of the Performance of Politics.  She is a fantastic artist and places her politics front and center in her art.  The left has done this for years as a part of their politics.  It is good to see conservatives who excel at this as well. Krista is definitely one of those.