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Please Help #BuyOutRunawaySlave BUY OUT BOSSIER!

Today I want to give over the space in my blog to a good friend Rob Gaudet who has worked tirelessly to help CL Bryant with his movie Runaway Slave.

C. L. Bryant is an incredible conservative and was brought into the movement by Gaudet in early 2009. The movie is currently being shown in Bossier, LA and they need conservatives to show how committed they are to supporting the movie in wider distribution.

Rob has been content to work for years in the background so others can shine, and I thought his request most eloquent and wanted to reproduce it in full here.

Please do anything you can to help with BUY OUT BOSSIER and then do what you can to bring Runaway Slave to your community.

If you’re tired of Michael Moore, who hates America, getting the attention when he does a documentary. We need your help!

Everyone agrees that the Runaway Slave has the capacity to change the hearts of people that we otherwise could not possibly reach and we need to generate buzz.

My little town in North Louisiana, Bossier City has become ground zero for how well the film Runaway Slave by Rev CL Bryant does nationwide. It has been showing exclusively here for a week now and we had tepid success last weekend with one sold out show. This coming weekend, July 13-15th, is critical that we fill all seats.

Our campaign is called BUY OUT BOSSIER (#BuyOutRunawaySlave) and are asking grassroots citizens across the country to buy at least one ticket even if they can’t go.

Distributors are watching this coming weekend closely to determine how many theaters across the country they will play it in.

We MUST get at least seven sold out showings. The great thing is that not all ticket buyers have to be here, even if you can’t go, you can still buy a ticket on Fandango.com (area code 71111), sat or sun showings preferably. If anyone has capacity to buy a block or a whole showing, even better.

Here in Bossier, we have an uphill battle and need some national help, that is why I am writing to all of you.

The movie is competing with big releases such as Spider Man, it is in an older theater in Bossier City which is the smaller of two sister cities, Shreveport being the other.


1) Buy Tickets -> http://tinyurl.com/BuyOutBossier

Even if you can’t go, please consider buying as many tickets as you can on Sunday for the weekend of July 13th – 15th.

Tickets are just $7.50. Please buy all you can!

2) Write about it your blogs and news stories. For now focus on the BUY OUT BOSSIER campaign.

3) Help us trend #BuyOutRunAwaySlave. #Resist44 is heading it up tomorrow, kudos to Matt Perdie and Justin Charters!

4) Invite all of your conservative friends to this Facebook event page using the ‘Invite Friends’ link at the top.


Watch the theatrical trailer, feel free to share this.

This is a FANTASTIC trailer!
Enjoy this radio spot we are running this 75 times beginning tomorrow in the market over 4 days for weekend of July 13th-15th, feel free to share this.
Please SHARE these too!

Contact me, Rob Gaudet with any questions.