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Saturday Night Live Mocks Christians with ‘Bird Bible’ Sketch and Tweet

In case you missed it, Saturday Night Live put on a sketch whose only humor came from its mocking of Christians and The Bible. There was nothing inherently funny about the situation or writing, the intent was to mock fundamentalist Christians who encourage their children to read the Bible, and provide the audience an opportunity to laugh at them. If anything the parents, especially the mother, were written and portrayed as crazy.

Judge for yourself.


After the sketch aired, the official NBC SNL twitter account (@nbcsnl) tweeted out this still from the “commercial” furthering the “joke” by encouraging their followers to check out the “fine print” they created for the ad copy, which was only on the screen for just a couple of seconds and could never have been read by viewers in real-time watching the sketch.


The only point in producing such “fine print” was to create something that could be tweeted out later to extend the joke into the twitter-verse.  The only other sketch to merit such attention was  Weekend Update, and that was to feature a joke promote the new anchor team.

The Fine Print Reads:

The Bird Bible may cause excessive cawing and attempted flight. The Bird Bible does not guarantee salvation for your soul or the souls of your children. Any feathers found inside the Bird Bible should be considered good luck and used to ward off evil spirits including but not limited to the Devil himself. Any likeness to other birds living or dead is purely coincidental. Do not be alarmed if your Bird Bible has a faint egg smell. This is normal and healthy. No refunds or exchanges.

It seems to me that the only ones guilty of “excessive cawing” are the  writers at SNL. Perhaps they should try humility next time.

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