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Tea Party Patriots (OH) issue statement on ODP Chairman Chris Redfern

Sunday, September 26, 2010

From the Tea Party Patriots (OH)

For Immediate Release

September 25, 2010

This is in response to Ohio Democrat Party Chairman Chris Redfern’s uncomplimentary description of the Tea Party movement in Ohio (Click for Video) and Governor Strickland’s recent Howard Dean-like anti-Tea Party tirade (Click for Video).

First, we would like to thank them both for acknowledging the hard work of the Tea Party movement in educating Ohio voters on the failed policies of the Strickland Administration, and of Redfern’s reign as Chairman of the Ohio Democrat Party. In describing the Tea Party movement in Ohio as, “F***ers,” the ODP Chairman has publicly stated what many state party chairmen, Democrat & Republican alike, have been whispering under their breath about the Tea Party movement for over a year now.

While we do not agree with ODP Chairman Redfern’s locker room behavior and potty-mouthed insults, we understand his frustration with the Tea Party as he tries in a fairy tale-like manner to spin “straw,” i.e., four years of failed policies, into “gold.” He has nothing to spin but wet straw from a state budget deficit of $8 billion, one of the least business-friendly states in the U.S., an unemployment rate of 10.1% , and job losses reaching over 380,000. Furthermore, over 75% of Ohioans think that Strickland’s top priority, fixing school funding, has likewise been a failure.

Chairman Redfern’s frustration ultimately comes from a more informed electorate, thanks to the Tea Party Patriots movement in Ohio. He reinforced that fact when he responded to calls for apologies from around the state. Rather than apologize for his outburst, he did what those with nothing but a record of failures do – he became even more juvenile in his response by issuing a fund raising letter with the following:

(click to enlarge)

Unlike some calling for discussions or requesting an apology from ODP Chairman Redfern for his remarks, the Tea Party Patriot groups in Ohio feel there is nothing to discuss and we will speak loudly with our actions on November 2nd.  As for requesting an apology – we figure he owes that to the residents of Ohio.

Thank You,

Scott Boston / Bowling Green TPP
Marianne Gasiecki / Mansfield TPP
Amy Brighton / Medina TPP
Ralph King / Cleveland TPP

Tea Party Patriots (OH)
State Coordinator Team