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Pledges Fly Up

In reviewing the Pledge to America submitted by the House GOP Leadership, my mind kept returning to a scene from Hamlet.  Unfortunately for the Republicans it was the end of Act 3 Scene 3 and they were cast in the part of Claudius.

The casting fits them well, over time the GOP has murdered the King Hamlets in its party who would stand up for tradition and good government under the Constitution.  Like the young Prince Hamlet,  upon inspection of our surroundings tea partiers have found many of our seeming-virtuous representatives sating themselves on a celestial bed and preying on garbage, for their own power and advancement at the expense of their duty and moral obligation to our traditions and Constitution.

The third act of Hamlet consists of the actions surrounding the  play within the play, sometimes referred to as “the mousetrap” in which Hamlet attempts to catch “the conscience of the King.” Like the actions of the players which frighten the usurper Claudius,  the actions of the Tea Party appear to have caught the conscience of the GOP leadership.

Their “Pledge to America” reminds me of Claudius’s act of contrition in which Hamlet finds him just after his exposure before the court.  Knowlingly caught in his crimes Claudius is praying for absolution when Hamlet comes upon him.  Luckily for Claudius, his prayerful posturing leads Hamlet to defer dealing with him until a later time.  Hamlet needn’t have worried however, after he stops watching Claudius, the king reveals the prayer was all just a show by his comment “My words fly up, my thoughts remain below: / Words without thoughts never to Heaven go.”

This is a good lesson for the House GOP as they too need to ask the forgiveness of those that rule above them (in this case the American people) for their legislative sins.

The tea party has multitudes of Hamlets that will keep a constant vigil on their actions and would offer them a timely corollary:

If your Pledges fly up, but your actions remain below:
Pledges without actions never to tea partiers go.

Should the Republicans be brought to power in the House in 2010, the tea party will be watching and waiting for real action.  Anything less will find them, like Claudius, imperiled electorally by their own devices.