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Benghazi Chair Trey Gowdy Drops the Mic on a Stunned Press Corps

This man needs to be Speaker of the House. Or President. Whichever.

Epic: It Took Just 3 Minutes For Trey Gowdy To Shame An Entire Room Of Journalists Into Silence.

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Bachmann for Speaker

With the latest betrayal by John Boehner of the grassroots tea party conservatives that put him in the Speaker’s chair, it is time for him to go.

The GOP had no GOTV push in 2010.  All that money had been blown by Michael Steele. The reason that the GOP has a majority in the house and John Boehner is Speaker of the House is because the tea party did the job that the GOP was unable to do. We got conservatives elected to Congress.

When it came time to choose a speaker Michele Bachmann threw her name in the ring, to no avail. Imagine a House under a  Speaker Bachmann. Do you think the summer debt deal debacle would have happened? Would this payroll tax “compromise” have occurred? At the very least we would have a Speaker that could articulate the conservative point of view and would not shrink from a fight. She is twice the man Boehner is.

Michele Bachmann is going nowhere as a Presidential candidate. The office she should run for is Speaker of the House. She should suspend her Presidential candidacy, return to D.C. and mount a campaign for Speaker.

She should do it today.

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Obama Edits the Constitution Again, Doesn’t Need Congress to Issue New Debt

According to Chuck Schumer the Obama administration is considering ignoring the Debt Limit.  It apparently believes that the 4th Section of  14th Amendment ratified in 1865 means something it does not.

It states in part:

“The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.”

Apparently the Obama Administration thinks that this means that “full faith and credit of the United States” can never be questioned and that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner can simply authorize the printing of more money ad infinitum.

Apparently, they missed or more likely just chose to ignore the clause which states that the debt must be “authorized by law.”  If the debt which the Treasury issues, is not authorized by law, it will certainly be questioned, whether Obama likes it or not.

I feel certain Congress will have something to say about this course of action.  Failure to stand up for their Constitutional obligation to authorize the public debt, means that the People will certainly make their voice heard on the subject.

Here is a link to the Washington Examiner Article on the subject: Schumer confirms White House considering ignoring debt limit | Conn Carroll | Beltway Confidential | Washington Examiner.


The End of The Beginning.

We are now less than one month (29 days) prior to election day 2010.  This is a day that many of us in the tea party movement have been eagerly anticipating.  In the last 18 months we have come a long way from protests, rallies and marches, to voter education and GOTV efforts in advance of next months historic election.

Assume for the moment that we are successful, and “take control”as much as a tea party movement can, of one or both houses of congress. By which I mean that members who are believe as we do in fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free markets are now able to attempt to push back against the avalanche of progressive programs which are threatening our future as a nation.

There is no longer, going to be a need for us to scream at the houses of Congress: “Can You Hear Us Now!”

Instead we should look forward to a Congress that wants to actively listen and act on the concerns of the tea party movement.

As we strive to advance a legislative agenda which is in line with our views however, we will come up against a renewed Left.  Just as the passage of the Obamacare bill was offensive to us, so will its repeal be offensive to the Left.

Just as spending is offensive to us, real cuts in spending will be offensive to the Left.  We will see them turn out in large numbers to attempt to derail our legislative agenda, just as we did theirs.

And the battle will once more be joined.

But it is a battle of which must be fought.  And won.

The tea party movement is not over. Far from it.  This is a movement that will be working its way through the American political scene for years to come.

November 2 is not the end.

It is not even the beginning of the end.

But it may be the end of the beginning.