Finally something on which I can agree with Charles Jaco.

[ooyala code=”U1cW01NjqoyS7JddEn82y8-ZZRIcWm-g”]ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) – So tonight we get to see how two candidates will handle the office that vice-president John Nance Gardner once said was, “Not worth a bucket of warm spit.” Only he didn’t say “spit”. But the debate between vice president Joe Biden and congressman Paul Ryan turns out to be a good deal more than that. This debate is vital for the democrats because president Obama screwed up the last presidential debate so badly.

How bad was president Obama’s performance? And how good was Mitt Romney’s? Enough to move the polls in Romney’s favor in numerous states. Enough so that both Bill Maher and Ice-T tweeted that the president should stop smoking weed before a debate. Enough so that Al Gore claimed the president was affected by the altitude at the debate site in Denver.

In any event that presidential deer-in-the-headlights moment means tonight V.P…

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