April Fools’ Day Ad Buy, The Joke is on Jay Nixon.

Politico reports that on April 1, a Democratic Governors Association front group, America Works USA, began airing a new television ad in support of Governor Jay Nixon.

They must be worried. “America Works USA” (read the DGA) spending $500,000 for a month-long ad buy this early in the process only serves to highlight the inherent vulnerability of Nixon.

Additionally, the ad’s message is downright laughable as it tries to distance Nixon from federal Democrats while crediting him for Republican achievements in Missouri.

The Democrat-funded ad begins by stating, “Washington is broken.”

This is a bizarre assertion given Washington, D.C. is controlled by Democrats. There is a Democrat in the White House and a Democrat majority Senate that consistently blocks any attempt at fiscal responsibility by the Republican-led House of Representatives.  The leadership of Democrats over the past 6 years has produced record deficits, massive government expansion, and the loss of the federal government’s AAA credit rating.

In contrast to broken Washington D. C. the ad cites Missouri as a place where “we are doing things differently.”

Who is this “we” the ad refers to making Missouri so bright and shiny with the dawn of promise? Democrats? Jay Nixon? Not likely.

As Missourians, we are glad they noticed the difference, but the five “accomplishments” America Works USA credits Jay Nixon for in the ad, are the product of conservative Republican leadership. Not the inept bumbling of Jay Nixon.

It is Republicans that have controlled the General Assembly since Nixon became governor.

  • It was the work of Republicans that guaranteed a constitutionally balanced budget.

  • It was Republicans that did not raise taxes.

  • It was Republicans that cut the size of government.

  • And it was Republicans that instituted the crack down on wasteful spending.

  • The state’s glowing AAA credit rating cited in the ad, was inherited from Nixon’s immediate predecessor, Republican Governor Matt Blunt and protected by Republicans in the legislature during Nixon’s tenure.

This April Fools’ Day ad buy must be a joke. The ad criticizes Democrat-controlled Washington while praising Republican policies in Missouri, and get ready for the punch line…Democrats are paying for it!

It looks to Missouri voters like the joke is on Jay Nixon.

Click on the link below to learn of Republican accomplishments, Jay Nixon doesn’t have any of his own.

America Works USA Pro Nixon Ad

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