Let the Big Dogs Hunt. It’s Time for Palin and Christie

Last night revealed a fundamental truth about the race, we need two more candidates in it.  We need another alternative establishment candidate to deflate Romney. Huntsman is not up to the task.  Romney can just attack the leading conservative and look better by comparison.  There is no alternative to Romney for establishment Republicans.  We need one.

The answer to that is Chris Christie.  If we don’t want Romney we need to attack him from both the conservative wing of the party, and the establishment wing.

We also need a top tier conservative candidate that can be an alternative to Rick Perry for the conservative vote.  None of the current candidates fit that bill.  None have the resources or the organizational muscle to play effectively all the early primary states.  We need Sarah Palin.

We need our best candidates in this race. The future of the country is at stake. Whether or not Palin or Christie get the nomination, they are important voices in the party and they will make the race better and our eventual nominee stronger.  We need them both, and we need them now.

We need our best candidates and right now they are sitting on the sidelines.


3 thoughts on “Let the Big Dogs Hunt. It’s Time for Palin and Christie”

  1. Chris Christie is NOT a conservative. Unfortunately, today we live by sound-bites and people jump on the band wagon of a potential presidential candidate because of a You-Tube clip, like some have done with Christie. Christie has said some things and done some things that are right regarding the economy of New Jersey. Nevertheless, he is weak on the second Amendment, he supports gun control; he is weak on immigration, he supports amnesty; he is weak on the threat of Islam, he supports the 911 mosque; he appointed an Islamist to the bench; he’s in favor of the green agenda, Cap and Trade; he campaigned for Mike Castle; he’s MIA on health care litigation, etc etc. Tom Marr has a You-Tube video exposing Chris Christie for what he is.
    My suggestion to the people is to not only listen to what the potential candidate says but find out what they have done. There are alternative sites people can go to and find out about the candidates, as well as the government sites to find out the candidates voting record. We need to get rid of Barack Hussein Obama and his destructive policies; however we do not need to replace him with a RINO. Now is the time to be vetting individuals, because some of the establishment GOP are RINO’S and also need to be defeated.


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