The World, the World the World is on Fire

With everything going on in the world, this song keeps going through my head. The lyrics are explicit, but they match the energy and images of what we are seeing in the streets.

I think it makes a useful counterpoint to the images below from the last two months or so. Press Play and Scroll Down.

As the music keeps playing and the crowd keeps yelling, keep scrolling  past the images and you will get a sense of how much trouble we are in.

Fire, Water Burn by The Bloodhound Gang LIVE

Vancouver, BC July 6, 2011

These Canadians were upset over the Canucks loss in the Stanley Cup.

Fans Rioting Over Canucks Loss on July 6,2011


Santiago, Chile August 9, 2011

Students protesting for educational reform in Chile.  They want it for free, and to pay for it they demand the nationalization of the Copper Mines.  Atlas Shrugs anyone? Where is Francisco d’Anconia when you need him?

London, England August 9, 2011

Riots ensued after a police shooting.

This shows that the rioters were not local, they came in to the riot locatons for the PURPOSE OF RIOTING

Tel Aviv, ISRAEL August 7, 2011

Protests over the high price of housing and cost of living in Israel.

The protests in Israel, Chile and England were all taking place SIMULTANEOUSLY.  What are the chances of that? I think something larger is going on here.  You be the judge.