The FOXNews Ames Debate; Winner: Newt, Loser: FOXNews

After watching the debate last night it occurs to me how important it is to have a panel of questioners that is interested in more than catching candidates in double speak.

The questions seemed focused more on knocking people out of the field, than allowing the audience to determine where they stood on issues that mattered to the country.  This of course was precisely Newt’s point last night in this exchange with Chris Wallace:

Wallace’s retort is absolutely wrong by the way, the question he ask Newt had nothing to do with his record. It was meant to diminish him as a candidate and push him out of the debate and the race.  He has clearly learned his lesson from his appearance on Meet the Press where he simply accepted the terms of the questioner.  He pushed back against the Washington Press establishment last night. Hard. And provided real answers to what he thought should be done in the process.

He reminded me of Chris Christie last night.  Winner.

Chris Wallace last night also intentionally pitted Pawlenty against Bachmann in a blatant attempt to cause a brawl on stage that would take two candidates down in one fell swoop.  Pawlenty is clearly done (stick a fork in him), but Bachmann diminished herself by constantly having to defend rather than discuss what she would do for America.  It was only a marginally successful night for her. Her best line was of course the retort to Byron York’s incredibly offensive question.  Once again, shame on FOXNews

They also gave much to much time to Ron Paul and his dangerous foreign policy regarding Iran and Nuclear weapons.  They allowed him to monopolize much of the foreign policy section. If I didn’t know any better I would say the entire goal of that section was to eliminate him as a viable candidate.

I really liked Rick Santorum last night.  He spoke powerfully against Ron Paul and like Newt called out the debate panel on their idiotic mode of questioning.  He has always been a strong social conservative, but now I see him successfully linking that to founding principles.  I thought his answer on the 10th Amendment was excellent. Natural Law trumps the Constitution. Well done.  I also admired his defense of the tea party as a flat and locally led movement.  This was an oblique reference to Bachmann’s assertion that SHE brought tens of thousands of people to DC to fight Obamacare.  She did herself no favors with the tea party last night with that comment.  She is NOT a leader of the tea party movement.  Her assertion that she is, shows a disrespect to its true leaders, the American people.

Romney had a good line about dog food.

Cain didn’t get enough time to stand out, but he did not hurt himself either.

Huntsman’s favorite word is “record.”


Establishment Stuffed Shirt Front Runner: Romney

Conservatives On the Rise: Newt, Santorum, Bachmann

Conservative On the Decline: Cain

Conservative Crashing and Burning: Pawlenty

Crickets: Hunstsman

Bat Shit Crazy: Paul

The real winner may have been the one that wasn’t there: Rick Perry


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