Straw Poll Predictions RON PAUL WINS!

RON PAUL WINS! I predict Ron Paul will win the straw poll. His Ronulan followers are legion and known for massing at straw polls. I believe that is one reason that Romney is not playing in Iowa. He does not want to explain a loss to Ron Paul in the Iowa Straw Poll.

2nd Place Michelle Bachmann. She is from Iowa and will play well here.

3rd Place Rick Santorum. A solid social conservative that has been spending time in the state, a must for a good showing.

4th Place Mitt Romney. The frontrunner status will get him 4th place here where he has spent too little time.

5th Place Newt Gingrich. His good debate showing will help a little but not enough to put him in the top half here…yet.

6th Place Herman Cain. The sleeper. He has little money, but is very impressive in person, he could do well if his message resonates.

7th Place Tim Pawlenty. Its OVER for him. He needs to beat Bachmann to stay in the race. That is a tall order.


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