Conference Calls with Newt to Clarify his Remarks

I was made aware of these calls by Adam Waldeck.  If you would like to hear what Newt has to say and ask him questions about his remarks please call in.

hey everyone –
as you all know, there’s been much discussion about newt’s comments on meet the press, and what’s being reported as his positions on obamacare, the individual mandate, and paul ryan’s plan.
it’s completely understandable that many of you in the tea party/912 movement are concerned and in order to clarify his remarks and speak with you about this directly, newt would like to hold 2 conference calls with you and other leaders in the movement.
i cannot overstate how much i hope that you’ll join us for this discussion, give newt an opportunity to discuss his positions, and then get to the most important part, which is your opportunity to ask questions and speak your mind.
the first will be tonight at 8:30pm ET, and the second one will be tomorrow morning (time TBD).
8:30PM ET
Dial-In Number: 712-432-0900
Password: 162934
in the meantime, i’d ask you to read the statement below from newt explaining his position on obamacare and the individual mandate:
Newt: I oppose the Obamacare Mandate. Period.

Newt believes it is unconstitutional for the federal government to impose an individual mandate requiring citizens to buy health insurance.

He is committed to the complete repeal of Obamacare and he supports the lawsuits of various state’s Attorneys General challenging its constitutionality.

In a free society you cannot tell citizens what they should buy and what those things should be.

Newt also believes individuals should be responsible to pay for the care that they receive.

Under the 10th Amendment, states should be free to design a system that works best to achieve that goal.

Adam Waldeck


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