The Arizona Tragedy; A Theory of Total Blame

It has become great sport in since the initial shooting and attempted murder of Gabrielle Giffords to muse on the cause of such an event, what would make someone do such a thing, and how we can as a society can prevent such actions from occurring in the future.

These are the wrong questions for us to be asking as a nation, and they are they wrong questions for us to be answering as members of the Tea Party movement.

It is tempting for us to fall into this debate, as before Ms. Giffords had even made it to the hospital, there were those on the left blaming the Tea Party for the action, and we felt a corresponding urge to defend ourselves.

And therein lies they trap.  The story now becomes a moving target of motivations, first tea party, then reading lists, then ideologies or religious affiliations, then guns, then gun laws, then about the general safety of members of congress.

The one commonality all these story-lines share is who they blame, or rather, who they don’t.

None of these story-lines blame the shooter for his actions.  None say he was a sick and twisted individual who took actions that made sense to him and him alone.

Instead, they blame you.  They blame me.  They blame America. And in the end all these problems will result in a call for more government solutions.

The only conservative response to this tragedy is that the shooter is responsible for his own actions.  Anything else is political posturing.


2 thoughts on “The Arizona Tragedy; A Theory of Total Blame”

  1. This is a symptom of a problem we have in the US. We have become a society that wants to blame everyone else when it is to their advantage. Should we blame Islam for the Ft Hood shootings, Jodi Foster for Ronald Regan. Blame the shooter not the gun, not his politics, etc. Hey I bet he drank milk, is that to blame. I’ll bet almost all killers drink milk, do we ban milk?


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