Awesome Ted Cruz Video – Cruz Against The Machine – YouTube

First the Tattooed Cruz…word is put out by a street artist called Sabo.


And now this anonymous awesomeness? I don’t know how much more of this I can take. Let’s hope a lot!

Cruz Against The Machine – YouTube.

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Obama Has Much to Learn from Winston Churchill – Sinews of Peace (Iron Curtain Speech) – Video

Today, Wednesday March 5, 2014,  is the anniversary of Winston Churchill’s “Iron Curtain” Speech given at the start of the Cold War at Westminister College in Fulton, MO in 1946. With the rise of a new powerful Russia and its actions in the Ukraine, it seems appropriate to post it in its entirety for what it might teach us about the kind of leadership and policy we need going forward.

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Gas Instead of Grain – Could 2014 Become Another Holodomor in Ukraine?

This is not the first time a foreign authoritarian leader has put down a Ukrainian citizenry that had set its eyes upon self-determination…  

1932-33  Stalin and Grain Policy


The Holodomor

Eighty years ago Ukrainians in the 1930s also tried to resist Soviet collectivization of their farms. Stalin’s policy to break them is known as “Holodomor” which translates as “Death by forced starvation”.


Basically, Stalin systematically turned Ukraine into a concentration camp between 1932-1933.  The result was a Ukrainian holocaust a full ten years before Hitler’s “Final Solution.”

A timeline of events leading to the imposed starvation comes from the Connecticut Holodomor Awareness Committee :


The Soviet government sharply increases Ukraine’s production quotas, ensuring that they could not be met. Starvation becomes widespread.

In the summer of 1932, a decree is implemented that calls for the arrest or execution of any person – even a child — found taking as little as a few stalks of wheat or any possible food item from the fields where he worked. By decree, discriminatory voucher systems are implemented, and military blockades are erected around many Ukrainian villages preventing the transport of food into the villages and the hungry from leaving in search of food. Brigades of young activists from other Soviet regions are brought in to sweep through the villages and confiscate hidden grain, and eventually any and all food from the farmers’ homes. Stalin states of Ukraine that “the national question is in essence a rural question” and he and his commanders determine to “teach a lesson through famine” and ultimately, to deal a “crushing blow” to the backbone of Ukraine, its rural population.


 By June, at the height of the famine, people in Ukraine are dying at the rate of 30,000 a day, nearly a third of them are children under 10. Between 1932-34, approximately 4 million deaths are attributed to starvation within the borders of Soviet Ukraine. This does not include deportations, executions, or deaths from ordinary causes. Stalin denies to the world that there is any famine in Ukraine, and continues to export millions of tons of grain, more than enough to have saved every starving man, woman and child.

Holodomor Eyewitness Accounts:


“I remember Holodomor very well, but have no wish to recall it. There were so many people dying then. They were lying out in the streets, in the fields, floating in the flux. My uncle lived in Derevka – he died of hunger and my aunt went crazy – she ate her own child. At the time one couldn’t hear the dogs barking – they were all eaten up.”

(From the memories of Galina Smyrna, village Uspenka of Dniepropetrovsk region)

HolodomorChildren“At that time I lived in the village of Yaressky of the Poltava region. More than a half of the village population perished as a result of the famine. It was terrifying to walk through the village: swollen people moaning and dying. The bodies of the dead were buried together, because there was no one to dig the graves.

There were no dogs and no cats. People died at work; it was of no concern whether your body was swollen, whether you could work, whether you have eaten, whether you could – you had to go and work. Otherwise – you are the enemy of the people.

Many people never lived to see the crops of 1933 and those crops were considerable. A more severe famine, other sufferings were awaiting ahead. Rye was starting to become ripe. Those who were still able made their way to the fields. This road, however, was covered with dead bodies, some could not reach the fields, some ate grain and died right away. The patrol was hunting them down, collecting everything, trampled down the collected spikelets, beat the people, came into their homes, seized everything. What they could not take – they burned.”

(From the memories of Galina Gubenko, Poltava region)

2014 – Putin and Gas Policy



Could this happen again in 2014? A mass starvation of the people? No, probably not — at least not in the same way.

The Soviets under Stalin wanted to control agricultural production in the largest bread basket in Europe, the Ukraine.  The wanted the wheat and other grains not just to feed their populous but to sell the grain on the open market, to get hard currency to pay for industrialization.  It was a transfer of wealth from peasants to factory owners and industrialists who would build the factories for the urban workers.

Putin’s plan today is similar. Only his involves not grains but gas. He needs to control Ukraine because of its ability to move vast quantities of natural gas through its pipelines into Europe. Gazprom, the company that owns those lines is largely controlled by Vladimir Putin and he cannot and will not allow any threat to his ability to control Europe via threats of restriction to natural gas supplies.

GasUkraine75% of Russia’s gas exports to Europe flow through Ukraine. If he has to “starve” the people into submission by turning off the gas, and preventing relief aid he will, just as Stalin did before him. In a disturbing sign of things to come, Gazprom announced today that it will raise gas prices in the Ukraine.

The Putin made crisis begins, as it intensifies he will justify more and more aggression to protect Russia’s interest, which is the same as Putin’s interest in what is now more of a fascist system than  the communist one which existed under Stalin.

Ukraine has disarmed and stands naked before Putin’s aggression with only the fig leaf of “international law” to protect them from another Holodomor type event.  The United States is powerless to stop him,  just as we were in the 30s. And he knows it.

Let’s pray it never gets to that and we never forget those Ukrainians that died at Stalin’s hand eighty years ago.

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Saturday Night Live Mocks Christians with ‘Bird Bible’ Sketch and Tweet

In case you missed it, Saturday Night Live put on a sketch whose only humor came from its mocking of Christians and The Bible. There was nothing inherently funny about the situation or writing, the intent was to mock fundamentalist Christians who encourage their children to read the Bible, and provide the audience an opportunity to laugh at them. If anything the parents, especially the mother, were written and portrayed as crazy.

Judge for yourself.

After the sketch aired, the official NBC SNL twitter account (@nbcsnl) tweeted out this still from the “commercial” furthering the “joke” by encouraging their followers to check out the “fine print” they created for the ad copy, which was only on the screen for just a couple of seconds and could never have been read by viewers in real-time watching the sketch.


The only point in producing such “fine print” was to create something that could be tweeted out later to extend the joke into the twitter-verse.  The only other sketch to merit such attention was  Weekend Update, and that was to feature a joke promote the new anchor team.

The Fine Print Reads:

The Bird Bible may cause excessive cawing and attempted flight. The Bird Bible does not guarantee salvation for your soul or the souls of your children. Any feathers found inside the Bird Bible should be considered good luck and used to ward off evil spirits including but not limited to the Devil himself. Any likeness to other birds living or dead is purely coincidental. Do not be alarmed if your Bird Bible has a faint egg smell. This is normal and healthy. No refunds or exchanges.

It seems to me that the only ones guilty of “excessive cawing” are the  writers at SNL. Perhaps they should try humility next time.

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Can We Please Vote Rebecca Black Off American Idol?

So apparently Rebecca Black is on American Idol this year, only her name is Jena Irene, and that is pronounced GEE-NA not Jena like is written.


Here she is from last night’s Top 13 Performances. Yes, she made the Top 13.

Actually, she made the top 10 tonight as she was not in the bottom 3 contestants from this week. That was only because of two uncharacteristically  bad performances my MK and Malaya both of whom can blow Jena away.

America, can we get behind this?


Here is Jene Irene doing Coldplay’s “The Scientist”

Here is Rebecca Black Doing “Friday”

There is no way Jena can win. Her videos will never be as successful as Rebecca Black’s.

Let’s vote her off the island next week.


Don’t Stand For This! Madison Rising – The Star Spangled Banner at Daytona

America’s “most patriotic band” right.  I forgot. This is horrible.  This is not our National Anthem. It is a rock song ripoff of our National Anthem, and if it was being played at a sporting event or political event, I would not stand for it, and you shouldn’t either.

Here they are at Daytona last weekend.

They also have a 4 minute version, to which they add even more awesome lyrics.

Madison Rising – The Star Spangled Banner – YouTube.

As conservatives we need to promote good music which also carries our message. This song is neither. It is a horribly self aggrandizing song, which actually takes away from the real meaning and power of the anthem.

Let Madison Rising fall on their own.


Vaclav Havel on the Role of the Artist

If we are to change our world view, images have to change. The artist now has a very important job to do. He’s not a little peripheral figure entertaining rich people, he’s really needed.

Vaclav Havel


Cold War Flashback Music Video ~ R.E.M. ‘Radio Free Europe’

Cold War Flashback- from a time when the United States actively opposed communist aggression in eastern Europe. 1983.

via R.E.M. – Radio Free Europe – YouTube.

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